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Shingle Masters Offers Stucco & Siding Replacement

If you are considering Stucco and Siding Replacement options for your home, rest assured Shingle Masters has got you covered. Your stucco installation will be done professionally and beautifully.

If the exterior of your stucco home is starting to crack or is in need of repairs, be sure to contact us as soon as you notice the damage. Cracked stucco can leak and cause more damage. If left unattended, the exposed area can expand the damage by loosening the surrounding stucco. It is important to tend to stucco repairs quickly. Keep in mind that repairing cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged stucco in a manner that matches the rest of the texture on your walls is very difficult to accomplish.

Fiber Cement Siding

While typical construction in Tampa consists of stucco walls over a block, some homes have wood or vinyl siding on frame walls and gable ends. Shingle Masters regularly replaces wood or vinyl siding in these areas.

Whether due to water damage or roof leaks, your home’s siding can and may be affected. If this is the case, we recommend Fiber cement siding. Fiber Cement siding has the look of wood, but does not rot, split warp or crack. It can be installed in 4×8 panels or traditional lap siding.

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