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Common Florida Roof Repair Issues

Florida’s climate can be rough on your home’s roof. Between the rain storms, thunderstorms, and strong winds, roofs take a beating. A variety of different types of roofing problems can result from the humid climate and storms. Summer is especially harsh with hail, flooding, extreme heat, and hurricanes. You may end up with disastrous damage, such as structural destruction, or it may just be minor, like missing or broken roof shingles.

Roof Damage Florida Due to Long-Term Wear

Typically, the roof damage has been in progress for some time before the homeowner notices. Roof Damage in Florida Problems caused by the effects of humidity, rain, and constant wear from endless storms are:

Puddles of Water

Large puddles of water should not form or hang around your roof. A properly designed roof should not have these issues. Water may linger after a large storm, but should dissipate afterward.

Reduced Wind Uplift Resistance & Blow Offs

These are all roof issues cause by the wind. Shingle Masters should be called immediately if you are experiencing any of these issues with your homes roof.

Moisture & Leaks

The most common type of climate-caused damage to a roof is leaking. Roof damage Florida repair has especially been needed after the storms that arise in Tampa, Brandon & Valrico. Your home’s roof damage resistance becomes a little weaker with each subsequent storm. water leaks will enter your home as time goes by and the quality of your roof begins to deteriorate from the constant bombardment.

Contact the Shingle Masters Today

It is important to confirm that you have good homeowners insurance for roof damage in Florida. Ideally, you should be covered for any accidents caused by severe weather. Always inspect your home’s roof after a storm or have Shingle Masters come out to do an assessment. This may be covered by your insurance as well.

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