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Valrico’s warm, humid climate and exposure to yearly storms coming in off the Gulf of Mexico make reliable roofing essential for local homeowners. From enduring the summer rainy season to withstanding hurricane-force winds and flying debris, roofs in Valrico face harsh conditions year-round. Whether you need a roof replacement or repair work or simply want to upgrade your existing roof, finding an experienced local roofing company you can trust is critical.

Shingle Masters Roofing and Construction is the premier choice for Valrico roofing solutions. With over two decades of experience backed by a trustworthy and experienced team of roofing contractors, Shingle Masters has earned its reputation as an honest, hard-working roofing company in the Valrico area. 

New terracotta shingle roofing installed on a home in Valrico, FL.

Shingle Masters Roofing & Construction Services Near Valrico

As a family-owned and operated roofing business serving the Tampa area for over 20 years, Shingle Masters has the expertise to address all of your roofing needs. Our team of qualified roofers can handle all types of roofing services, including roof installations, replacements, repairs, inspections, and storm damage repairs for residents of Valrico and the surrounding areas.



Luxurious home in Valrico, FL with fresh brown shingle roof installation.

If your roof has aged beyond repairs or suffered irreparable storm damage, full roof replacement is likely your best option. Our contractors thoroughly inspect your roof and provide clear recommendations along with an estimate for the project. We tear down old roofing materials, properly dispose of them, and install new, durable, energy-efficient roofing suited to Valrico’s climate.

If your residential flat roof has required constant repairs and leaks over its service life, converting it to a sloped metal or shingle roof is an effective solution. Shingle Masters has broad expertise in flat roof conversion, including demolition, decking repairs, and the installation of roof frames to create reliable slopes and drainage. Our roofers will work closely with you to design the ideal new sloped roof for your building. Compared to stubborn flat roof leaks, pitched roofs are far easier to maintain and longer-lasting. 

When major storms strike the Tampa area, flying debris and high winds can damage shingles, tear off sections, and lead to openings that allow interior water intrusion. Let our experienced roofers handle your urgent storm damage repairs. We’ll tarp any holes, fix framing issues, replace damaged underlayment and shingles, and ensure your roof is restored to leak-free operation. We have plenty of capacity to help multiple homeowners simultaneously while providing prompt, skilled work.

For all types of minor roof repairs in Valrico, our roofing contractors have the skills to restore your roof to good-as-new condition. From fixing broken shingles to sealing around vents and skylights, repairing eaves, and replacing damaged fascia boards, our team can handle it. We have the experience necessary to identify issues and provide long-lasting fixes so you can avoid major roof replacement costs. Whether you need an inspection to spot potential problems early or have issues requiring immediate repair, contact us to regain your peace of mind, knowing your roof is once again weather-tight.

Your home’s soffits are the material underneath the roof overhangs, while fascia boards are located at roof edges where gutters attach. Over time, moisture exposure can cause soffits and fascia to rot, crack, and pull away from the building. Shingle Masters offers professional soffit and fascia repair services throughout Valrico. Our contractors will handle the entire soffit and fascia replacement process, ensuring proper ventilation and insulation between roof trusses.

Clogged, overflowing gutters lead to soil and foundation erosion and possible flooding. Shingle Masters proudly offers expert gutter services in Valrico to ensure proper drainage and protection. After a comprehensive inspection, our contractor will recommend the most effective sizes, shapes, and placements tailored to your roof design. Get relief from yard flooding or damp interiors with our gutter repair and replacement services.

In addition to all types of roofing, we also handle siding and stucco replacement projects throughout Valrico and the surrounding region. If your exterior walls have sustained storm damage, allow moisture intrusion, or simply need aesthetic refreshment, our teams have the skills to strip and install new siding or repair stucco to look great and perform reliably.

Aerial view of a Valrico property with a new dimensional shingle roof.

Roofing Materials in Valrico

For many Tampa area homes, metal roofing provides the ultimate durability, weather resistance, and longevity. Metal roofing comes in aluminum, steel, and copper. It is extremely impact-resistant while providing excellent rain and wind uplift performance. Available in different colors, styles, and finishes, metal roofing tiles or panels bring aesthetic appeal to any home design from Mediterranean to Modern.

Clay and concrete roof tiles remain popular throughout central Florida for their aesthetic, Mediterranean-inspired look and durability in coastal conditions. Tiles are available in a diverse range of styles, shapes, and colors. Tile roofing brings unique beauty to a home. Tile roofing does come with a higher upfront cost than other materials. It also weighs more than other roofing, requiring additional structural support. While durable, tile roofs require periodic inspection and replacement of broken or missing tiles over time. Talk to our experts about whether investing in tile roofing makes sense based on the design of your home and desired longevity. We handle tile roof installations, replacements, and periodic repairs.

Asphalt shingles remain the most common roofing material across the U.S. and Tampa region due to its moderate cost and good performance. We help homeowners choose appropriate shingles that balance durability, warranty coverage, and cost through high-quality brands. We offer exceptional expertise in installing and repairing shingle roofs backed by strong manufacturer warranties.

High-quality asphalt shingle roof with solar panels in Valrico.

HOA Roofing in Valrico

Many homeowners associations (HOAs) have rules about roof types, colors, and conditions allowed in the community. Before proceeding with any roof replacement or repairs, double-check with your HOA board to ensure the chosen materials and colors conform to established standards. This helps avoid hassles down the road. As experienced local roofers, Shingle Masters stays up to date on various HOA roofing requirements across the suburbs we serve. We can advise if certain shingles or tiles you have in mind fit community guidelines. Our teams also specialize in repairs that meet HOA standards for a consistent neighborhood aesthetic.

Multi-tonal architectural shingles on a renovated Valrico house roof.

Roof Financing Solutions

We understand unexpected roof repairs or full replacements represent major, unbudgeted expenses for homeowners. That’s why we partner with trusted financing companies to offer flexible lending solutions for your roof project, subject to credit approval. This allows you to proceed with a necessary roof upgrade or emergency restoration without financial strain. Talk to one of our representatives about roof financing options to learn more about the best fit for your budget.

Single-story home in Valrico showcasing new gray shingle roofing.

Contact Shingle Masters Today

For over 20 years, Shingle Masters has remained the leading family-owned roofing contractor in Valrico and the surrounding Tampa area. Contact us for roof inspections, installation estimates, and prompt repairs. We serve residential clients throughout the area, including Valrico, Brandon, Tampa, Lithia, Riverview, Seffner, Sun City Center, Apollo Beach, and surrounding areas. Our commercial services also extend across the Tampa Bay region—call (813) 793-7731 for expert roof solutions tailored to your home.