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Valrico Roof Repair Including Roof Leaks Can Be a Major Problem

When it comes to Valrico Roof Repair issues, Shingle Masters residential home roofing services can fix roof issues including leaks that will allow water into the home, causing drywall damage, wood rot, and even mold. A leak that is not repaired can cause thousands of dollars of damage and possible health problems.

closeup of asphalt shingles

Here Are Some Signs Your Roof May Need a Repair

Visible water stains on your ceiling or a black stain on your ceiling or wall. Shingles that are missing from your roof. Damp walls or drywall that is wet. Rotting fascia and soffit or staining along aluminum soffits can be signs of roof leaks. If you think you may have a roof leak, call Shingle Masters to inspect the area. Shingle Masters will inspect your leak and provide a free quote. Most roof repairs can be completed in one day. If your roof needs a full replacement we will let you know, and provide you with a free quote.

If you have water stains that run down your interior walls and also extend across ceilings, the cause is probably a roof leak. Shingle Masters will track down the leak and make a determination of what repairs need to be made. Remember, even over a short time, small leaks can lead to big problems like mold, rotted framing, and sheathing. It can also destroy insulation and damage ceilings.

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